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  • Our Privacy Policy

    This section covers a multitude of laws that govern every member of our platform. We aim to give you exclusive services and be safe in the hands of the law. Our platform cares about your privacy and will do all it takes to keep it private for as long as you trust us with your confidential information. The purpose of creating a privacy policy is to protect your confidential information and observe strict attention to detail, failure to which is punishable by law.

    We collect both personal and general information needed for your homework. We use this information as a guide to offering you the best services.

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    Information That the Privacy Policy Protects

    The privacy policy is enacted to serve the need to protect client information, and it must be presented on all business platforms for client security. It protects personal information like:

    • Location
    • IP address
    • Email address
    • Phone number
    • Name
    • Non-personal identifiable information ( this is the information that automatically pops up whenever you log in to a website, showing the activities done on the website, the sites visited, and the frequency of the visits).
    • Any other confidential information displayed by the client.

    What to Know about Client’s Personal Information

    We wish to clear all your doubts about our capability to keep your information confidential. It is safe with us and serves the following needs:

    • The information is secured in our database for future use. For instance, it could be used to send you information about our discounts or discuss anything about our program. This information is secured by SSL technology to encrypt your information.
    • We do not share your information with any third parties unless prompted by your permission.
    • All payments are handled by PayPal, a secured payment method, so do not worry about your PayPal email address getting leaked. We will not save your mini-statement because it’s of no use to us.

    The Acceptable Way to Use Client Information

    All the data collected and reserved will be used only for internal audits. They serve the following needs:

    1. Communicate on the progress of your homework, like informing you when it’s done and ready for submission
    2. Make a follow-up on any complaints by the client
    3. Inform you of any updates related to our website. For instance, we could inform you of possible discounts to keep you posted on the new ones.
    4. Address any official concerns relating to our website.

    What Do We Guarantee Our Customers?

    1. Your information is safe with us as long as we need it.
    2. We will discard the information depending on your approval or our terms of use.
    3. Under no circumstances are we allowed to share your information with a third party unless a subpoena summons us.

    Circumstances That Guarantee Sharing Customer Information

    Although you have our word on securing personal data, we are obliged to provide client information in some situations. These situations include

    • A command by law enforcement to provide client information based on a pending investigation
    • If the website data is breached, we may need to submit your information to a third party for safety
    • We may forward your information to trusted sources when updating our website for improved performance.

    The Right to Forget Customer Information

    The customer may need to terminate their contract with us in some situations. This grants them the power to have us delete their database, including confidential information. Upon request, you are at liberty to terminate your association with us and have us delete your data. Send us a written request, which will be processed within 14 days. Your data should be off our hooks within that time limit.

    Our terms of use permit us to make necessary adjustments for the betterment of our website. Your continued use of our services proves your compliance with the adjustments. However, if you find the adjustments unpraiseworthy, you may terminate your association with us by sending a text on any of our communication channels.