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    This section presents occasions where one is eligible for a refund. We ensure that you are comfortable with what you pay us to do, and if you are not satisfied, this is the alternative. Our services are legit, reliable, and consistent. We give you promises we strive to keep, but you can request a refund if this does not happen. However, this policy only applies to specific occasions. So if you need a refund, examine whether you qualify for a refund or not.

    This channel is meant to establish a clear rapport with our customers so we can win their trust. Several circumstances guarantee a refund. They are listed below.

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    Cancellation by the Client

    If you cancel your order for personal reasons, the chances of you getting a refund are minimal; if it happens, it won’t be 100%. The following circumstances don’t guarantee a refund:

    1. The Client Cancels The Order After It Has Commenced
    2. If you cancel your request after it has been approved, the chances of you getting a full refund are minimal. This is because the expert has already started working on it, meaning their time has been consumed preparing and working on it. Nevertheless, depending on certain circumstances your expert will discuss, you might get a 25% refund.

    3. The Client Cancels The Order After The Expert Has Confirmed
    4. For personal reasons, the client might cancel the order minutes after the expert has been confirmed. Even though you might get a partial refund, you are guaranteed a refund.

    Partial or No Homework Done

    If your homework was only done partially, submit your refund request within 5 days to get a full refund of your money. We take the blame under such circumstances and guarantee a full refund. On the other hand, if your homework was not assigned to any expert upon submission, we also take the blame and issue a full refund. Although this rarely happens because we are always conscious of linking an expert whenever a task is presented on our table, addressing it might help those in doubt. Moreover, you can also submit a refund request when the homework was not submitted within the agreed time limit.

    Duplicate Transaction

    This could be presented under two circumstances:

    1. Accidental double transactions
    2. If you make a transaction of one order twice, you should receive the accidental transaction almost immediately. We won’t take extra cash from you, regardless of the situation.

    3. Processing similar orders
    4. If you send an order twice, it’s most likely that you will also be charged twice. In such cases, you will receive a full refund of one order while the other is in progress.

    The Homework Is Missing Major Concepts Indicated

    You can issue a dispute claim if you find your homework unsatisfactory. Under such circumstances, we have a team to review your homework and gauge the eligibility for a refund. If we find the errors worth a refund, we process the payment immediately. We will also discuss the outcome with you.

    On the other hand, if the contents of your homework have any traces of plagiarism, you will receive a full refund without further questions. Nevertheless, this rarely happens because our work is 100% original.

    Occasions That Do Not Guarantee a Refund

    1. Using the instructions sent after the homework has commenced to issue complaints.
    2. If your paper has already been revised as instructed.
    3. For proofreading and editing requests, we will not grant a refund.
    4. Requesting a refund without solid proof.
    5. Asking for a refund past the required days. (a refund request is processed within 5 days of submission)
    6. If you develop your grading system and use it to issue a complaint.

    Refund Processing

    Kindly note that all refund transactions are processed immediately, but the disbursement takes place after 7 business days. Therefore, before canceling an order, keep this in mind. We are not to be held accountable for any further transaction charges incurred during the transaction process. Lastly, we are not responsible if any anomalies are experienced during the transaction process. For instance, if you experience delays from the bank services, use other alternatives to consult with them directly.