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    We aim to be on the right track with the law to avoid getting you in any further trouble. Our work is based on original work approved by the law, and we work at delivering non-plagiarized civil engineering homework to all who rely on us to do so. These regulations act as a guide to help us set boundaries and work at becoming the best online civil engineering homework helpers in history. Before getting us to take your homework, consider these terms of use to acquaint yourself with our services. If you need any clarifications for a misunderstanding, contact us immediately through the provided modes of communication.

    Your continued use of our platform confirms that you have read and understood our terms of service because they all apply to every member of this platform.

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    Customer Eligibility, Account Registration and Termination

    Every customer on our platform is subject to equal treatment, and we don’t consider one party above the other. We could use your details to know whom we are serving and how we can do so. Therefore, we advise you to provide credible and up-to-date information that we could use to contact you. Our platform is official, so we expect those seeking our help to provide useful official information. Failure to provide truthful information is considered breaching the contract, which could lead to our permanently terminating your account.

    Concerning the provision of personal details from the student, it’s advisable to provide truthful information because it will be stored among your credentials for record keeping. This information could be used to help give you quality services. The information listed by the student could be saved for the same purpose. However, if you wish to have your confidential information deleted, notify us, and we will do so. Moreover, note that our services are only open to students above 16 years. If you are younger than 16, you could use the help of your parent or guardian.

    Copyright Laws

    This is the rightfulness given to the company to use the information on our website. Due to rampant cases of copyright infringement, these laws help to prevent such situations from happening frequently. There are two types of information that copyright laws could apply:

    Customer Information

    We want to ensure that your information is safe and is used the right way. Customer information includes reviews, samples, inquiries, or any other credible information the client presents. In order to get your information posted on our website, we prevent infringement by reviewing the contents of your information before having it posted on our website. Therefore, if you want any information to be presented on our page, you have to sign a policy allowing you to display it after it has been scrutinized.

    The Website Content

    The website content has the most information compared to what the customers provide. They include blogs, answers to questions presented by the customer, and any other information on our website. This information is not to be copied anywhere; failure to which it will be regarded as copyright infringement, a crime punishable by law.

    Client Information and Confidentiality

    The information provided by the client includes the name, email address, contact information, attachments, and notes related to the homework. This information is confidential and safe with us. You can count on us to secure your information and only use it for professional purposes. We mostly use this information to update you on your homework or notify you of our recent offers. Under certain circumstances, some people prefer we discard their personal information rather than leave it hanging and open it to cyber insecurity. We will keep this information confidential until asked to discard it. Nevertheless, information such as customer reviews or sample reviews could be displayed on our homepage for public view.


    This is the most sensitive part about getting our services because, without this step, you cannot access our services. The following information should be read keenly to avoid making any mistakes:

    • You will need to discuss with your expert the final charges for your homework. You need to make the payment in full because instalments are not allowed. After a confirmation is made, your homework will commence immediately.
    • The amount of money you pay for our services varies from one homework to another. Therefore, there is no one-price-fits-all perspective with our services.

    The payment process is simple and straight to the point. If you need help making a payment, ask your homework helper or seek further help from our customer care services.

    Subsidiary Links

    Our platform consists of external links that are not managed by any of our agents. Therefore, take precautions when visiting these sites to prevent you from getting bullied. We would not be held responsible for any attack outside our website, even if you encountered the link here. This is because we are not managing any of those external links. In no way do those links represent us, so exercise caution while browsing.

    Updating Our Terms of Use

    Subject to change, we are permitted to oversee some changes on our platform to provide a more understanding mode for all customers. This is for the good of those who wish to try our services, and we provide such highlights to shed more light on common misunderstandings experienced by some people. Nevertheless, be assured that these changes won’t affect you because we have thoughtfully presented them for your benefit.